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Are you concerned that your profits are falling and employee productivity has become poor? Do you know if your employees are working every minute of their scheduled work day or are they skiving off when you are not in. If you are wondering what your employee are doing when you are out of the workplace and you feel you have no one to trust, Private Investigators Bristol can help you to find out with their employee monitoring services.

If you need a trustworthy way of employee monitoring our private investigation service at Private Investigators Bristol can give you the solution that will give you the information you need to find out who are the unproductive or disruptive employees. Our covert surveillance, listening devices and covert cameras could be the answer that you have been looking for. All our services are carried out by our knowledgably and discreet private detectives.

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When our private detectives and investigators carry out our private investigator services you can be assured that the work will be conducted discreetly to collect the proof you need. We have many successful services available to achieve finding the information you require. From phone and call forensics to covert surveillance we can find the right service for you. With each and every situation that a client brings to our private investigators and detectives we carry out a private and confidential consultation to ensure that we are providing the best possible assistance. Our aim is to fulfil your expectations and give you peace of mind that what you think your employees are doing is what they are doing. Loss of productivity through employees lack of work, stealing or anti-social behaviour can cost you a lot of money in profits and supplies and a loss of client's due to poor service.

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Employee Monitoring in Bristol

A client of Private Investigators Bristol is a man of fifty years old. He is the boss of his own company and has been having some trouble with a new employee. In a private and confidential consultation with our private investigation company he told them that she is fairly young woman and not very open, so the client feels that she is keeping something to herself, possibly to do with work. This was first suspected by our client when she was caught on CCTV grabbing something out of another employee's desk and walking fast to her car two hours before she was due leave work. The client wants our private detective in Bristol to keep an eye on the new employee as he is to busy himself with other work commitments. He did try to talk to the employee himself, asking if she was okay, but she was quiet and gave quick answers as if she was trying to keep a secret. The client is stressed enough with work and now this added to his problem.

The client needed to do something about it, as he felt that the situation could interrupt with work life and could be serious. When we heard about what was going on in the office we offered our solutions that could help out. By having one of our employee monitoring services our client could track what the employee does at work. The employee monitor will report all the employees activities and after a period of time our client could what the employee was doing. This service undertaken by our private detectives will also show the client if his other employee are working or not. Private Investigators Bristol fitted covert CCTV cameras around the workplace and hen the footage was reviewed it showed that the employee was indeed stealing from another employee's desks when the coast was clear. When the client was informed he couldn't say he was surprised and she was dismissed on the spot.