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Childcare can be a complete nightmare. Who can you trust to look after your children when you are away from the home working? Private Investigators Bristol can help you when you are both looking for a nanny, au pair or babysitter. It could be that you have already employed someone to look after your babies are need to know if they are complying with your wishes and looking after the children how you have asked.

Private Investigators Bristol have nanny monitoring services that can keep a check on how your chid carer is doing their job and we also offer assistance with looking into the people that have sent you an application or CV. If you have concerns about the working day of your nanny we can monitor their time with your children in a number of different methods, including surveillance both static and mobile or by fitting devices into your home. If, however, you wish our private investigators detectives to look into the applicants we can thoroughly check all the candidates on your short list to provide the best possible employee. These checks will include calling all references, checking the identity of the person and their qualifications.

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Bristol Nanny Monitoring

A client of Private Investigators Bristol was a deeply concerned mother who wants to know whether or not her children's au pair is miss treating the children and the dog. During a lengthy consultation the client told us that she first suspected the nannies foul play when the children were complaining about having to walk back from school by them-selves when the au pair didn't pick them up and when they came home she wasn't even in and they had to cook their own dinner as well as putting them-selves to bed. Later that month the youngest child who is sometimes a cheeky monkey when it is time for bed had bruises up and down his arms, where it looked like someone had grasped him rather tightly. The client asked her other children if it was them but they all seemed to blame the au pair. When the client questioned the au pair she denied it all and just laughed.

Nanny Monitoring in Bristol

Our private detectives informed the client that we would be able to install some covert cameras for a period of a week in the house, some in the bedrooms and some in the other main rooms of the house. The cameras would be undetectable to the au pair and she would only know the cameras were there if she was shown. These cameras are disguised as different household objects including air fresheners and plant pots so the children do not get suspicious. The covert cameras would produce video evidence of the au pair miss-treating the children if she was doing so. All of the footage gathered would be admissible in court, if the client wanted to press charges for miss-treating her children she could also take the au pair to an employment tribunal for not doing the job she was paid to do.

The client was delighted to have a chance at gaining the peace of mind she needed in knowing what the au pair was actually doing. The footage contained evidence of the au pair not only miss-treating her children but her home as well. While the children were at school the au pair was having sexual intercourse in the client's bed. This happened four times in the week with three different men. The au pair left the house and the children came home but not with au pair the eldest also began to cook dinner. When the au pair came home she made the children clean then sent everyone to bed. The youngest child who is a monkey to get to bed was grabbed harshly and thrown into bed crying. The information that the cameras fitted by our private investigator recorded out raged the client. Once she calmed down she decided to take the footage she possessed to a solicitor who advised her to dismiss the au pair and withhold her last months pay. Our client was also advised to take the matter further with the appropriate authorities.