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Are you having problems with your Smartphone? Have you lost or deleted an important text or email? Don't panic Private Investigators Bristol can help you. Our greatly knowledgeable and highly trained private detectives and investigators can put your mind at rest by retrieving the lost information in a timely and professional manor.

Our private detectives Bristol phone forensics team can get your mobile phone up and running again and locate any missing items that you are in need of. Problems can occur when the phone is damaged in some way, possibly from dropping or having liquid spilled over the device, or if a Trojan or virus has been picked up through a download that you did not know the origin.

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Bristol Phone Forensics

A client of Private Investigators Bristol is an annoyed woman who wants to have her phone checked as she believes that someone is using it. The client told our private detective agency that she first suspected someone to be using her phone when she received her phone bill and saw how much the total was. The client phoned the phone company to find out what it was all about but they could not help her because the records were true. She looked at the numbers and times from her bill and she rang them, they were not possible as she had been at work at those times, leaving her phone in her locked locker. Our client requires our Bristol pirate investigators to hell her and get the situation sorted before she has to pay for another massive phone bill. The client contacted the police but they are unable to help her without proof of someone else operating her mobile, they could not even file a report because her story was not supported by anything.

Phone Forensics in Bristol

Our detective agency which is the best detective agency Bristol has on offer and we told the client that we would be able to have our forensic team could download spy software onto her phone. The software would be allowed on the phone because it was the client's phone and she needed the information to be able to catch the person responsible. The spy software would be on the phone for a week, in this week we would try to see what was going on with the client's phone, if the client's phone was not being used in the week set we would be able to keep the software in for another week. The software will report the phone activity which she could then use to show the phone provider that it was not her using the phone. There was possible for her to change her phone and her SIM but in our belief the user would just use her new phone in the same way.

The client was jubilant that we are there to help and determined to find the culprit. Our forensic team was able to install the software onto her phone and then it was a waiting game for all of us. She went to work and placed her phone in her locker and started her shift as usual, making sure that she was accounted for at all times by other members of staff. During her shift detectives could see that the phone had been used. It was decided that our Bristol private investigator would page her and if possible she would go to the locker room to see who it was. About an hour in to the client's shift someone was on her phone, so as we discussed, we paged the client, she was given an authorised leave from the patient she was seeing and she went into the locker room to see who it was. She was shocked and surprised to see that it was a good friend and work colleague using her phone right outside our clients locker. It all slid into place for our client as her friend knew her locker code, and her phone pass code. The matter was sorted out without involving the police further and our client has been given back the money she paid for her friend to use the phone.