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Private Investigators Bristol lie detector test services are available to test an individual, be it yourself or someone you suspect is lying at any time you need. If you are thinking of hiring a private detective to carry out a lie detector test then look no further than our professional and discreet private detectives. We can take the pain away and give you the results you are looking for.

All our Bristol investigators at Private Investigators Bristol use only the services of the British and European Polygraph Association as well as members of the American Polygraph Association. Our lie detector test examiners are highly knowledgeable professionals and have an understanding of all the feelings involved in taking the test and can react accordingly to ensure that the test runs as smoothly as possible.

Bristol Lie Detector Test

Taking a lie detector or polygraph test with our highly skilled professionals will provide results that are between 95% and 98% accurate. For your convenience our Bristol investigators can perform the test in the comfort of your own home or our private investigators detectives can arrange a hotel meeting room for you. The test can take up to three hours to perform and in most cases the results are available at the end of the test from the test examiner. During the test the subject will be asked a number of questions that will have been predetermined by the examiner, the subject and from the person requesting the test, if not the subject.

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Lie Detector Test in Bristol

The company director of a successful business contacted us at Private Investigators Bristol when a dispute broke out within his work place between two employees. These individuals had both been present when an incident occurred within the company office that caused a substantial amount of private information to be leaked. Both of these individuals denied any involvement in this incident and implied that all blame should be taken upon the other employee. Our client was eager to discover the culprit so that the appropriate action could be taken so at this point he looked into hiring a private investigator. During the initial confidential consultation our private investigators detectives collected all the information regarding the incident and the suspected employees. It was decided that the best course of action to take would be the utilisation of a polygraph test. This method would give a good indication of who was lying in this situation and who wasn't. Our Bristol private detective and the client along with the polygraph examiner collectively compiled the test questions and the test date arranged.

The polygraph device was successful in revealing the occurrence of deceptive answers from one of the individuals. When these results were shown to this employee they eventually made a full confession stating that they were too afraid to confess beforehand. The other employee showed no indication of deception. We presented these findings to our client who took appropriate action with the employee who had tried to deceive him. This individual in now undergoing disciplinary action but no further action on his employment position has been made. Our client was glad that both he and the company could move forward having made the decision to undertake private investigation services.