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Private Investigations Bristol

The staff at Private Investigations Bristol have many years experience in investigating crimes for business and individuals. In some cases when you have become a victim of crime the police may need more evidence before they can begin a criminal investigation. Our helpful and professional private detectives and investigators can help to find out this vital information for you so you can forward it onto the relative authorities.

Our team of have over 25 years in the private investigation services arena and they will find out the truth for you. When contacting our private Investigation service we will deal with your situation in a discreet and in confidential manor to discuss your requirements.

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Our Private Investigators Services

Suveillance Sessions - hiring a private detective in Bristol
Vehicle Tracking
Vehicle Monitoring - private investigators in Bristol
Listening Device
Listening Equipment - private detectives Bristol
Phone Forensics
Phone Forensics - Bristol investigators
PC Forensics
Pc Computer - private detectives in Bristol UK
Matrimonial Investigations - private detectives in Bristol
Corporate Investigations - private investigators in Bristol UK
Background Checks
Background Enquiries - private investigators Bristol UK
Asset Location
Asset Search - Bristol private investigators
Employee Monitoring
Employee Investigations - Bristol investigator
Fraud Investigations
Fraud Investigations - investigator Bristol
Lie Detector Test
Lie Test - hire a private investigator in Bristol
Missing Person
Missing People - Bristol private detectives
Nanny Monitoring
Nanny Monitoring - private detectives Bristol UK
Trace Debtors
Tracing Debtors - private investigators Bristol

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Bristol Private Investigations

Five Crimes a Private Detective Can Help Prevent and Solve: Crime in our lives is an all too familiar threat but there are a variety of things you and a private detective can do to prevent crime and catch out a criminal. Fraud: Fraud can be defined as an intentional deception made for personal gain or damage to another individual, usually financially, emotionally or professionally. Unfortunately it is something that most people are confronted by on a regular basis and in various forms. It can mean creating a false identity to deceive, a faked business or product to gain money or committing benefit fraud by falsely claiming benefits that you do not require to get financial aid that you are not entitled to or do not need.

Private Investigations in Bristol

Burglary and Theft: One of the worst crimes that can impact upon our security and happiness at home is when our property or the home of someone close to us is broken into or stolen from. Burglary or theft can cause damage to you, your family and your neighbourhood in more ways than one. The most obvious impact of burglary or theft are the financial implications that it can have, even if your property and possessions are protected under insurance. Perhaps the bigger implication that a criminal incident may have is the emotional one which may plague your thoughts and feelings for a considerable time. Embezzlement: Embezzlement can be defined as the fraudulent conversion of another's property by an individual who has been placed in a strong position of trust. It can be a serious crime and can occur in both a personal and professional capacity. Guilty parties that have been convicted following a private investigation in the past have ranged from the exploitation of the elderly by people posing as care workers, to fake agencies falsely claiming money. Unfortunately it is all too often the most vulnerable people in a society who are exploited in crimes involving embezzlement, particularly the lonely, disabled or less capable.

Assault and Abuse: Knowing that we are safe in both our bodies and our minds is proven to be one of the main preoccupations of the average individual. Both physical and verbal abuse are serious offenses and can have a real negative impact on both you and others and can cause impacts of varying degrees. A private detective can provide security measures such as surveillance or deterrents, or to obtain evidence if it is required, for a legal case or similar. All too often, they encounter cases of domestic abuse or antisocial behaviour and so are experts in these fields amongst other things. Blackmail is a crime on the rise on both a personal and professional scale according to private security experts and the latest police figures, both of whom are regularly asked to provide protection from threats of extortion. Using information or possessions that are valuable to you in some way or another, an individual creates a power over you from whom they are able to exploit your actions, emotions or finances for their own gain and your loss.