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Private Investigators Bristol have PC forensic services that can help with a number of situations either on your home or work computer. It could be that our highly skilled private investigators can assist you with removing a virus that has got through your computer security or you believe someone has downloaded monitoring software onto your laptop. Whatever your problem our greatly skilled and highly trained investigators can help you.

At our Bristol detective PC forensics department we can detect any unwanted software, viruses or anomalies on your device that are impairing your use. When your computer security software has been breeched we can detect the item, remove it and update your security. We can also locate and retrieve any lost or missing programmes or documents that are important to you and your business.

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A client of Private Investigators Bristol is a director at a recruitment company and she wants to know whether or not some of her employees are using office time and equipment to do inappropriate things. The client knows that some little rude jokes go through the office but she first suspected that not just little rude things were going through her office when an employee had emailed a photo of himself and a female colleague having sexual intercourse to every email address in the office, the photo seemed to be taken on the client's desk. The two were fired. The client wants to hire a private investigator service to keep an eye on all her other PC's in an attempt to prevent this happening again. The client has also had complaints of other employees sending inappropriate images and messages through the work PC's. The client needs to stop this type of behaviour before it gets out of hand.

PC Forensics in Bristol

In a consultation our investigators told the client that we would be able to set up our forensic team sweep through all her work PC's and fit them with software which will allow the client to see what employees were doing on their computers. The client will have to warn her employees that they have installed the software, the client had no problem with doing this, she suggested the best way to alert the employees was to set up an information morning, which all employees hate and don't pay attention to, she would briefly notify them on the matter in this meeting. The client also wanted to have some covert cameras to be put in her office just in case another incident involving daring employees, they can be identified and shown to the board as breaking the office rules and regulations. We told the client that our highly skilled private detectives investigators could install the cameras she wanted.

The client was very pleased to hear that we were able to have all her PC's fitted with software and have her office installed with covert cameras. Our highly trained and skilled PC Forensics team had the computer's software installed when every employee had gone home. That morning the client had her information morning in which most of her employees didn't pay attention to, the information was put on the big screen and also typed into a memo which every employee was given so no one could say they didn't know about the employee monitoring. Our private investigators were also able to install the client's covert cameras into her office when they sorted the PC's out. Everything was up and running. The client looked at the cameras footage; she saw nothing that was totally outrageous. However on the PC software report multiple employees had all sorts of inappropriate, degrading, pictures of filth on their computers which made the client feel sick. The client rounded up all the employees with this inappropriate data on their PC's, there was about twelve of them. To each employee she showed them what she saw on their PC's and told them that they could leave the company. That day the client had to fire five employees.